Smallest Batch Size in India

We help you launch your product with the smallest batch size. Determine your Economic Batch Quantity (EOQ) and we should be able to deliver.

Drug Name Search & TM registration

We allow you to focus on finding customers while we take care of finding good drug names eligible for TM.

Designing of outer carton / box

We design the outer carton / box for you. Our designs are always the best in class and stand apart from the competitors packing.

Visual Aids, Product Card & List, Literature

We also undertake the designing and printing of Visual Aids, Product Cards, Product Lists and Literatures for you.

Avoid dumping of goods

By manufacturing the smallest batch size with us, you can avoid unnecessary dumping of goods.

No Blocking of Investment

With a small batch size, your investment is not blocked and put for good use.

Launching your own products under your own brand is now easy with Zubrix Healthcare